Franca Foligatti

Expanding Italian Businesses to American Markets



My passion is helping companies expand overseas into the American and Italian markets. Understanding the different cultures, then employing strategic thinking, communications and education are my specialties. This approach aligns your business with its true potential; to have it blossom using focus, creativity and harmony.

I specialize in products and services that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and a sense of well-being: organic and sustainably grown foods, luxury textiles and clothing, design furnishings and cosmetics.

Women's Wear Daily named me one of the top ten influential people in the luxury men’s fashion industry in 2004, and Departures Magazine called me the "perfect face" to represent "modern luxury" and "old-world craftsmanship."

"In Franca Foligatti, Italian creativity and style melds harmoniously with American efficiency and innovation. Working with her is always an extraordinary experience."
— Rosa Maria Todaro, CEO, AIM 2001