Franca Foligatti

Expanding Italian Businesses to American Markets


I specialize in expanding markets for Italian products in the United States, as well as bring American products into Italy. I work directly with companies to help them understand both cultures, clarify their vision and then set a path to help them achieve it.

My first step is detailed research - seeing how their goods fit into the overseas target market. I then create a strategy for the company to connect with key players and enter the new territory. I help implement new operations management and then provide education and training programs for the employees.

The final step is to lead marketing programs to create brand awareness, increase sales and then maintain customer satisfaction.  


“Franca has helped our clients transform their foreign business ideas into reality in the United States.  She has an amazing ability to translate business across borders.”
Courtney Brooks Noce, Esq., Rosabianca & Associates, PLLC